POSTER: Supporting Young Children’s Social-Emotional Needs After Change

Relationships, routine, and supportive teaching of social-emotional skills have always been important.  After any big change, these become even more essential!  Here’s a poster from the Nebraska Association for Infant Mental Health with a few reminders of those important steps you can take towards ensuring young children’s social-emotional needs are met and they are able to thrive!

Should the Child Care Industry Get a Bailout?

Should the Child Care Industry Get a Bailout?  This article in the New York Times states that “… half the child care supply in the United States is potentially at risk of closing permanently, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress. It combined the center’s data on child care availability with a March survey of 6,000 providers by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Seventeen percent said they could not survive any closure without government support; 30 percent said they could not survive more than two weeks; and 16 percent said they could not survive more than a month.”

“Democrats proposed $50 billion for a business that is in danger of widespread failure — and that many parents need before they can return to work.”

Example of Parent & Caregiver Engagement Cards

Long time CITE member, Mary Lou Allen, initiated these ‘Building Brains from Birth to 36 Months of Life’  parent & caregiver engagement cards!
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