Center for Autism Research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia announces: STUDY on AUTISM.

Our infant sibling study (IBIS) focuses on how the brain develops differently in infants with autism compared to typically developing children. The goal of the study is to identify very early brain features that may be characteristic of autism. This information may help improve methods of early detection and intervention for infants who may be at risk for an autism spectrum disorder. Earlier treatment may lead to better outcomes for these young children and their families.

We are seeking to enroll families who have a child with an autism spectrum disorder and an infant sibling 12 months old or younger. We are also enrolling families who have typically developing infants 6 months old or younger and who have a typically developing older sibling. Babies will come to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at 6, 12, and 24 months of age to receive developmental evaluations and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Parents will receive comprehensive evaluation reports at no cost and will be paid for their family’s time and travel.

Stephanie Colantonio
Clinical Research Assistant
Center for Autism Research

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3535 Market Street, Suite 860
Philadelphia, PA 19104
phone: 267-426-4914
fax: 267-426-7590

Community Playthings: Spaces Designed for Children

Community Playthings: Spaces Designed for Children

Community Playthings has always manufactured products right here in the United States. It all started in 1947 in an old barn in Georgia, supporting a little cooperative community. Not long after, the co-op joined a larger group in New York and brought the business with them. Today, the “community” in Community Playthings is a group of families who earn their living crafting toys and furniture for children. We manufacture primarily in New York and Pennsylvania, with wood responsibly harvested from the Northeastern U.S.

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Example of Parent & Caregiver Engagement Cards

Long time CITE member, Mary Lou Allen, initiated these ‘Building Brains from Birth to 36 Months of Life’  parent & caregiver engagement cards!
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