CITE President Jennifer Santana named a Promising Emerging Leader

The Coalition of Infant/Toddler Educators is proud to announce that our president, Jennifer Santana, has been recognized by Exchange magazine as a Promising Emerging Leader!

Details can be seen at


Emerging Leaders were reviewed on the following criteria:

Leadership — Professionals who are well-grounded in their own work and program or organization and who are using their strengths and advocacy skills to make a difference for children, families, and their communities.

 Emerging — Professionals under the age of 45 who are demonstrating leadership potential and actions.

 Roles — Emerging Leaders include classroom teachers, as well as program managers, organization leaders, teacher trainers — anyone connected to issues around young children, families, care and education.

Knowledge Base — Professionals who understand strong Early Care and Education principles and practices, including addressing diversity and equity, and who are engaged in life-long learning.

Spirit — Professionals demonstrating the ability to work collaboratively and with personal initiative.


Applicants were asked to submit a personal Mission Statement, Professional Vitae or Résumé, two Letters of Recommendation, and a Photograph. Emerging leaders could nominate themselves or be nominated by others.


Applications were reviewed by a panel of current, highly-respected and experienced leaders, including:

Kay Albrecht, Paula Jorde Bloom, Barbara Taylor Bowman, Holly Elissa Bruno, Ruby Burgess, Bettye Caldwell, Margie Carter, Judy Collins, Louise Derman-Sparks, David Elkind, Lella Gandini, Luis Hernandez, Alice Sterling Honig, Elizabeth Jones, Lilian G. Katz, J. Ronald Lally, M.-A. Lucas, Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, Barbara Sawyer, Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan, Maurice Sykes, Yasmina Vinci, and Billie Young.  View the Review Team gallery:


If you have any questions:





More Than Baby Talk

More Than Baby Talk

The University of North Carolina’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute has just published “More Than Baby Talk,” an easily-readable and free online guide to igniting the communication and language skills of infants and toddlers. This guide includes ten research-based recommendations for educators and parents. 

More Than Baby Talk” recommends one-on-one and small-group interactions that are tried and tested to support the development of language and communication in infants and toddlers from a variety of backgrounds. Among the FPG team’s recommended interactions are responding to children’s vocalizations and speech, eliciting conversations, and using complex grammar and a rich vocabulary. Each practice includes the science that supports it and examples of how to use it.

 By using these strategies, educators and parents can provide children with the rich language exposure and opportunities they need to enhance their language and communication.  Download your copy today!  

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